How to choose the perfect Velux skylights or roof windows for your home

Velux is a skylight brand that has become so popular amongst homes in Melbourne. After all, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of skylights and roof windows, perfecting their products within their 78 years of existence. As a homeowner, it is a wise decision to add their products into your home. There is one slight problem though if you are new to this brand—they have many products to offer, so which one would be perfect for your home?

Aside from looking into the skylights Melbourne prices, you should consider where you are going to install them and choose one that is fit for the space.

For your living room

Buy Velux blinds, specifically the solar powered Fresh Air Velux blinds, and you will enjoy more control in lighting your living room during daytime. Are you planning to receive guests for a gathering or your friends for movie time? You can adjust these blinds to make it brighter or dimmer for such purposes.

For your bedroom

You can choose the electric Velux skylight, which gives you total control over lighting up the space without compromising privacy. Now, you can sleep under the stars and then wake up with plenty of sunshine greeting you for a new day.

For your kitchen

Kitchens can be full of cabinets, cooking and food preservation devices, and other utensils, so it can feel crowded. One way of making your kitchen feel spacious and inviting in installing a Velux roof window that you can control remotely to open and close.

With more natural light, preparing food can be so much easier and enjoyable.

For your bathroom

Moisture can develop quickly in the bathroom. By choosing the Velux No Leak solar-powered Fresh Air skylight, you can prevent moisture accumulation as you shower by opening it up with a remote control without sacrificing your privacy. And, like what it does to other spaces in your home, it allows natural light and air in, which helps maintain the freshness of the room.

For your home office or game room

If you have a bonus room that you use as an office, a game room, or a child’s playroom, you can also make it brighter during the day by installing either a roof window or a skylight. Any of these will give you a relaxing ambience that you need in such a space.

For your hallways

Just because you do not stay at your hallways does not mean that they do not need proper lighting. In fact, proper lighting at hallways and stairs is essential when you have an elderly at home.

For these areas, you can choose to install sun tunnels.

For your closets

Yes, you heard it right—you can also install skylights for your closets! For these small spaces, you can install Velux sun tunnels. They illuminate your closets, so you will quickly see what you need.

Final thoughts

Whether you want to let more natural light in or want more fresh air to come inside for better ambience, there is always a VELUX skylight for any space. Just shop from an authorised reseller to exactly find what you need.

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