Knowing your occupational physicians’ duties and responsibilities

As workplaces become more complex and stressful, the need for more comprehensive occupational physician services also increases. This will ensure that every worker’s well-being is given enough attention and properly taken care of. After all, how can they become productive and efficient workers if their health and safety are in bad shape?

Employed individuals spend most of their time in their respective workplaces. This becomes their second home where they can grow their skills, gain experiences, and build their confidence. However, it can also be the primary source of their stress as well as their health and safety issues. The good thing is that medical professionals who look after the workers’ welfare exist in the organisation.

In Australia, almost all medical doctors and most paramedical specialists care for individuals who are part of the workforce. They make sure that the working group stays fit and that their jobs and work environments are not causing them any harm.

Why should you know your occupational physician’s jobs?

As a worker, it’s important that you are aware of your occupational physician services and how to access them. In case something happens to you at work, you’ll know what to do and who to ask for help from. The work of occupational physicians varies depending on the nature and risks of a certain industry. Usually, they collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to lessen work-related morbidity incidences while providing flexible work options for sick or injured employees.

What should you know if you work or plan to work in a high-risk environment?

If you work in a hazardous place such as in a coal mining industry, your occupational physicians should pay more attention to your welfare. In Australia, examination systems for all coal mine workers are implemented to properly monitor the workers’ health conditions. For example, a coal board medical Qld has today are required to take a standard occupational medical exam. The same requirement, known as NSW Coal Mine Workers Order 43, applies to all existing coal mine workers in New South Wales. Both schemes aim to protect the health and safety of all coal mine workers in the said states.

This is also one of the pre-employment requirements for those planning to work in the coal mine industry. The applicant needs to accomplish a coal board medical form before visiting a Nominated Medical Adviser or an approved medical practitioner who will administer the health assessment.

The aspiring worker may also need to prepare the necessary fees for the coal board medicals. The price for each test varies depending on the type of medical procedure. The best way to get a coal board medical or an order 43 medical cost estimate is to talk to your authorised medical provider. This will give you an idea of the amount you need to prepare in case your company is not shouldering it.

If you’re a company who’s interested in knowing more about how your occupational physician services can help enhance the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce, contact Resile’s Occupational Logistics Framework on 07 3339 6000 now.

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