Reasons why you should live and settle in Caloundra

If you are looking for a great place to settle with peaceful surroundings, lovely neighbours, and great places to hang out, then you should consider checking out Caloundra. It is a coastal town located in the region of Sunshine Coast just South East of Queensland Australia. Since it is a coastal town, there are plenty of great beaches you can visit which are easily accessible to houses, units, and apartments like Pandanus Shores Caloundra has today, for your relaxation and family getaway.

pandanus shores caloundra

The town of Caloundra is just 90 kilometres north of Brisbane central business district. Thus, if you are planning on checking out the place and see if it’s a good fit to settle for you and your family, then you can just hit a ride from Landsborough railway station where the Caloundra bus station is just 21 kilometres away. And if you like what you see, there are plenty of units and houses still available, just like the Grand Pacific Caloundra units for sale in the real estate market, for you to grab. However, if you are still doubting and don’t want to visit the place because you are uncertain, here’s a list of reason why Caloundra is a great place to settle and build your future home.

The relax and easygoing culture

One of the perks of living in Caloundra is because of its laidback culture. The neighbourhood is always happy to help and the atmosphere on the coast is calm. They also have great arts and music that you can surely enjoy. The Paisley Park project was created to showcase the culture, arts, and entertainments side of Caloundra. It organized pop-up shops, foods, drinks, and live bands. The park also has a public art gallery and restaurant for you to hang out. If you are into cultural diversity and is planning to move in Caloundra, then you should check out units from pandanus shores Caloundra offers, which is just a 9 minutes walk from the Paisley park.

Great beaches

Some examples of great beaches you can find in Caloundra include Bulcock, Shorncliffe, and Dicky beach. Most of these beaches are close to cafes and restaurants where you can chill and watch the waves touch the glittering sand in the shore. It is also great for strolling at night with the breeze from the ocean or listening from local bands in the nearby bars. Thus, a lot of immigrants that settle in Caloundra choose places that are near the beachside such as Esplanade Golden beach properties, because of these benefits. Check it out at Henzells

Plenty of activities and entertainment

Aside from going to beaches, you can also enjoy a lot of things in Caloundra. These include bike ride in the parks, visiting nature reserves, and hiking in the hinterland. They also celebrate festivals, such as music and theatre festivals, to help brighten up the mood every month so you won’t have any boring moments living in this town. Events like these are usually held in resorts and centres like Pumicestone blue resort which is also close to Pumicestone apartments Caloundra has today.

Excellent schools

If you are planning to move but is concerned for your child’s education, then you don’t have to worry because Caloundra has excellent schools that provide a great quality of education that your kid deserves. These include Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Siena Catholic College, and Montessori International School which all have great reviews from Homely. There are also places you can settle that are just minutes away from schools which include pandanus shores Caloundra properties and Battery Hill.

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