The Elements of a Therapeutic Landscape for Retirement Communities

When imagining retirement homes, it’s common for people to think about whitewashed rooms that look boring. An image of a room with medical supplies and wheelchairs cluttered in the area is also a common picture. But those are images of retirement communities with old designs. Today, owners of communities for elderly people in Australia usually avail of retirement landscape maintenance Perth horticulturists offer to ensure the facade of seniors’ homes look appealing and therapeutic. Nowadays, retirement communities focus on the following elements to provide seniors with an outdoor area that helps them heal and feel positive:

1.Water Features

The soothing sound of flowing water is an essential part of a healing garden. This can be developed by availing of a world-class commercial landscaping Perth experts offer. Experts can set up the water fountains, ornamental pools, ponds, streams, and waterfalls in the area. A garden with apt water features is a perfect place for seniors to have their daily yoga routines. It’s also good to have a swimming pool where seniors could have their aquatic therapy.

Once the features are all laid out, contact a retirement garden maintenance Perth specialist for the upkeep of these elements. Also, don’t miss to set up safety features for these areas. Remember, the slippery area near water features could put seniors at high risk of slip and fall injuries.


Aside from having the natural sound of water, making room for trees in the retirement landscape maintenance Perth providers offer today also helps. Trees provide shade. Add to that the fact that trees give off phytoncides, which have natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Flowering plants are also good ones to have. Aside from the mood-boosting colours of flowers, the right choice of flowering plants could also enhance the facade.

To keep these beautiful flowers and trees watered adequately, it’s best to avail of commercial reticulation Perth landscapers offer. It’s also good to encourage seniors without mobility challenges to do some light gardening. This can be a part of their daily physical activities to keep them fit.

3.Seating Options and Outdoor Furniture Pieces

Lastly, a therapeutic garden would be useless if it doesn’t have the right furniture pieces to allow seniors to enjoy the area. As you would with the trees and water features, plan where to place the garden tables, outdoor bean bags, benches, and reclining chairs. Consider the safety and comfort of seniors while setting up these items. And make sure that the walkways are slip-proof. It’s also wise to have outdoor shelter options, such as awnings and gazebos. Having an outdoor kitchen where seniors could prepare foods, dine, and hang out with their friends is also good.

Creating a therapeutic garden is a worthy investment for your retirement community. With their fragile health, seniors won’t be able to travel a lot and expose themselves to nature. Hence, the need to create an area that closely resembles nature right at the comfort of their own residence. You won’t have to worry about how to get this done. All you need to do is look for a reputable horticulturist and retirement landscape maintenance Perth provider to assist you. If you’re now looking for potential providers, the service of Skyline Landscape Services is worth-considering. The company has been landscaping and horticultural services to some of Australia’s most prestigious communities. For more details, visit at

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