Top 3 important must-have commercial cooking equipment when putting up a Restaurant

Putting up a brand new restaurant can be both exciting and stressful. Thus, you need to have a proper plan before your restaurant’s opening, for it to go smoothly. At the top of your to-do list, you should list down the pieces of commercial cooking equipment you need for your new restaurant.

Aside from cookware and linens, such as cooking pan and tableware, cooking equipment is one of the most important aspects of your restaurant. These include a commercial charcoal grill, oven, and ice machines.



commercial charcoal grill



Your cooking equipment plays a great role in your restaurant’s success because it controls your restaurant’s output. Imagine having low-quality equipment that breaks down in the middle of the day while there are still pending orders. This kind of situation might lead to having a bad reputation for your restaurant’s brand.

Thus, to avoid this, you need to have quality cooking equipment that will withstand your busy restaurant use. So when you buy your equipment, take time to consider the quality and materials used to avoid future complications.

One example of this is that when you choose your commercial charcoal grill, decide on which one better suit your needs, is it the stainless one or the cast iron grills. And if you don’t have enough budget to buy all the equipment, here are the three most important types of cooking equipment that you need to have when opening a restaurant for the first time.


The different types of restaurants need a machine that can preserve both raw and processed ingredients, so you can save money and prevent it from spoiling. Thus, any types of the restaurant need to have a freezer or refrigerator. Visit Cookon to learn more.

However, when choosing a freezer, make sure you choose it from commercial catering equipment market instead of the residential ones. That is because the residential refrigerators are not made for a harsh environment such as a fast-paced commercial kitchen.


If you are planning on putting any deep-fried cuisine in the menu, then deep-fryer must be one on your list. You can use it in frying churros, french fries, calamari, mozzarella sticks and the like.

Also, when shopping for a deep-fryer, make sure to look for the capacity of the commercial deep fryer oil filter and temperature range of the machine. These all depend on your type of restaurant, especially if its a big or small one. For a small restaurant, you only need equipment such as deep-fryer to have a smaller capacity of the oil filter and temperature range.

Commercial Grills

Different types of commercial grills come in different shapes and sizes. These include commercial griddle and commercial charcoal grill. Thus, it would be easy for you to find the right grill that will fit your business’ needs from a variety of options available in the market.

But make sure to take into consideration the type of food you are going to use your grill for. One example of this is that if you are planning on having grilled shrimp on your menu, then buying a charcoal grill from commercial charcoal grill Australia offers, is your best choice.

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