Why are coworking spaces a good option for freelancers and small business owners?

Whether you are a digital nomad who works alone or a startup founder with a small team, you should consider the many benefits of working at coworking spaces or share studios.



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While working at coffee shops or at home sounds like a dream, there are several downsides to them. For starters, coffee shops can be noisy, and working at home poses a lot of temptation, especially with the fridge just within your reach. Of course, you can also lease a long-term office space if you have employees, but that can be really expensive and doesn’t offer much flexibility.

Here are some more reasons why a coworking office is better than working at home or a traditional office.

Collaborating and networking

Working alone as a freelancer or small business owner can be difficult because tLightspacehere is no sense of community. Working at a communal work space, on the other hand, allows you to still work by yourself minus the loneliness of working alone. Likewise, you can take this as an opportunity to collaborate and network with like-minded people. And, who knows? Your next client or business partner may be one of the people there.

Diversity and flexibility

Coworking spaces and share studios offer both diversity and flexibility. Unlike a traditional office where all employees work for the same company, coworking spaces promote diversity as they consist of tenants and members who work for different companies. You might even meet someone there who can help grow your business.

Additionally, coworking spaces allow you the flexibility to choose how long or how often you want to work there with their various membership options. This is a good setup, especially if you don’t have the budget for a long-term office lease.

Increased productivity

Sometimes, working from home blurs the line between work and personal life. This could seriously hurt your work-life balance, as it’s so easy to forget to take a break or stop working when working at home by yourself.

Coworking spaces and share studios, on the other hand, offer a more structured working environment than your home without the stuffiness of a corporate office space. And, being around other hardworking professionals can help motivate you to work even harder, thus improving your productivity.

Cost-efficiency and convenience

Freelancing or running a small business also comes with a few overhead costs. You do need to pay for high-speed internet. Your energy bills may also see a significant increase after a month of working at home. Likewise, having your own office space will also cost you a considerable amount of money. Utility bills and office maintenance are not cheap, after all.

However, if you choose to work in a coworking space, you won’t have to think about any of these expenses because everything will be provided for you. From high-speed internet, electricity, and building maintenance to amenities, you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Lightspace Studios offer some of Australia’s best creative office space where all you need to do when you arrive is sit down and work. And, when you’re done working, you only need to clear your things up and leave. You won’t have to scratch your head over large electricity bills or having to call cleaning services to clean your office.

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